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Tesher’s Birth: Healing and Power

When my third pregnancy began I had a lot of mixed feelings. I was excited and hopeful, but also very apprehensive because my first two pregnancies had ended in miscarriage. My previous experiences of cold, impersonal doctor’s appointments and sonograms had left me with a lot of dread at the thought of having to see […] Read More

Sol’s Birth: Words of Life and Encouragement

“Desde el nacimiento del sol (Sol!) hasta el lugar que se pone, sea alabado el nombre de Jehová” Salmos 113:3 “From the birth of the sun, to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord shall be praised.” Psalms 113:3 When I was in labor with Sol, my midwife somehow always managed to […] Read More

Rebecca’s Birth: The Making Of A Mother

I heard about the San Antonio Birth Center from a friend of mine who was pregnant with her first baby. When she told me her plans, I thought she was insane. “Is that even safe?” I wondered. “And why would anyone have a baby without an epidural… on purpose??” Surely there was something I was […] Read More