Tesher’s Birth: Healing and Power

When my third pregnancy began I had a lot of mixed feelings. I was excited and hopeful, but also very apprehensive because my first two pregnancies had ended in miscarriage. My previous experiences of cold, impersonal doctor’s appointments and sonograms had left me with a lot of dread at the thought of having to see an OB-GYN again. Then we found the San Antonio Birth Center.

When my husband and I visited the birth center for the first time we felt at ease immediately. The facility was beautiful and the women we met seemed so genuinely passionate about providing a positive birthing experience. We were convinced within a few minutes that this was what we wanted.

The prenatal appointments were wonderful and I always looked forward to them. I never felt uncomfortable because the midwives took plenty of time to get to know me. They also spent a lot of time making sure I was informed and educated about health during pregnancy and the birth process. My perspective on birth slowly shifted and I began to feel more confident and excited about giving birth.

During my labor I felt completely supported and protected. I knew I was in good hands. It was never stressful or traumatic. The midwives did a lot to maintain a calm, quiet atmosphere. My husband was also able to be involved in the whole process, which was really important to us. Everything the midwives said to me during the hardest parts helped me to concentrate and keep going. When Tesher was born, I felt more pride and accomplishment than I have ever felt in my life.

After Tesher was born, we were given plenty of time to get to know him and he was never taken away from us. The midwives and post-partum ladies were always in the background doing what needed to be done, but they somehow managed to give us the space and privacy to enjoy our new baby. Then, when we were all rested and ready, we took our little boy home.

We are so grateful for the San Antonio Birth Center and for the beautiful, capable women who helped to make Tesher’s birth such an amazing experience.