Sol’s Birth: Words of Life and Encouragement

“Desde el nacimiento del sol (Sol!) hasta el lugar que se pone, sea alabado el nombre de Jehová”
Salmos 113:3

“From the birth of the sun, to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord shall be praised.”
Psalms 113:3

When I was in labor with Sol, my midwife somehow always managed to say the right thing at the right time. I realize how ridiculous I must have looked in labor, but all she said was, “Do whatever you need to do. You’re doing great.” Another midwife offered encouraging words while she wiped my forehead with a cool damp towel.

My midwife kept reminding me how well the baby was doing and I could hear the heartbeat every time their apprentice checked with the doppler. She was so gentle and calm, and I remember thinking, “what a job.”

Later, during the hard work of pushing the assistant midwife was by my side again, encouraging me with the perfect words (words I’ve already forgotten, but they were magical at the time). When Sol emerged from the water, the midwife looked at Javier and asked him, “Daddy, do you want to call it?” He later told me he was thrilled, because it was the first time anyone called him Dad. He came in closer and raised the baby’s left leg. “It’s a boy!! It’s a boy!!”

The midwives were so knowledgeable, and I trusted them completely. I felt such a bond with them, and admired them greatly. When they left, the three of us just cozied up and rested in glorious baby bliss. We kept looking at each other and then at Sol, and then at each other again. No lo puedo creer. I can’t believe it. He’s here.